Hotel Directory

October 14, 2016

The Association recently worked with ADS Publishing, a company that produce hotel guest room binders that promote local small businesses within the area.  A number of businesses on Quinpool Road purchased ads either on the Quinpool Road pages or restaurant pages. The binder will be available in hotels that are located on the Peninsula, (including the Atlantica on Quinpool), St. Margaret’s Bay Road, Bayer’s Lake Industrial Park, Kearney Lake and Bedford. The Association was also given a discounted rate on the banner ads that will be placed on top of the Quinpool Road Pages. These banners promote our Q-PON offers and the Paws Here On Quinpool initiative, as most (if not all) of these hotels are dog friendly. These ads will remain in the binders for one year.  For more information, please contact Cindy at or 506 623 8466