Meet the new owner of the Trail Shop… Sue Stanfield

June 12, 2017

Sue is no stranger to the retail world as she also owns Take It Outside (Dartmouth Crossing and Truro) and Lole on Spring Garden Road. She is very proud to be taking over the reins of this iconic Quinpool Road Business. Sue understands that for many of the business’s long time customers, the Trail Shop is their favourite and only business for outdoor adventure and she hopes that will continue.

Since taking over the business a couple of months ago, Sue and the staff of the Trail Shop have been busy taking stock, ordering new inventory and re-organizing the sales floor. Megan, Kate, Carmen and the rest of the staff remain at the shop and look forward to seeing all the familiar and new faces walk through the door! Sue looks forward to meeting everyone in the coming months, so if you are walking by drop in and introduce yourself!