Tax Reform

February 6, 2017

Several Business Improvement District Executive Directors and business owners representing Quinpool Road attended the November 1st, 2016 first reading of Bill No 52, a bill that supported granting the city specific tax reform tools. The Bill was passed with amendments on November 10th, 2016 and granted the Municipality, as designated by Council, new taxation tools. The one page Bill can be found by clicking here 

Since that time Karla and her Executive Director colleagues have met several times as a group to figure out the best way to work with the city to advocate for a “Fairer and More Equitable Distribution of the Tax Burden in the City of Halifax”.  The group has also met with Halifax Partnership, city Finance Staff, new CAO, Jacques Dube and Head of Finance, Amanda Whitehead. The group has committed to working together as an unofficial task force and city staff have been tasked with creating a Tax Reform Project Charter. This charter should be distributed to the group for input and feedback by the end of April.  The BID Executive Directors have also committed to working with their councillors to make tax reform a priority in 2017.