the ikebana shop

What do you love about being on Quinpool?

Quinpool and the neighbourhoods north and south of the street are very welcoming and supportive. Quinpool businesses are diverse and unique, contributing to the enrichment of the community.

Tell us about your business!

Enter our shop and you’ll feel like you stepped in a small boutique in Tokyo! 90% of what you see inside are things normally sold in Japan for the Japanese. Our merchandise is a mix of the traditional (like pottery, tea & incense) and the modern (like anime and kawaii items). As well, we have work made by local NS artists that fit with the Japanese aesthetic…and books, LOTS of books on Japan, curated by us.

What sets your business apart?

We are the Japanese shop in Halifax. “Ikebana”, is the art of Japanese flower arrangement. (Sign up for lessons! We have a bona fide Sogetsu Ikebana master teaching.) This is our specialty. In 2008, we started only as an ikebana supply shop but quickly evolved into a Japanese “cultural” shop! This put us in a unique position here in Atlantic Canada—a place one can find the real Japan.


6417 Quinpool Road



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