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Discover the World of Ikebana... with a Quinpool Twist!

Message from The Ikebana Shop

In collaboration with the Quinpool Road Mainstreet District Association (QRMDA) and the many businesses on Quinpool Road, Halifax (which is our home too!), we are pleased to present this virtual ikebana exhibition. This exhibit was originally planned to be held live at The Atlantica Hotel Halifax until the 3rd wave of the Covid-19 pandemic struck and the city has gone into lockdown.  

The theme of this exhibit is to showcase local businesses on Quinpool using ikebana. The artists looked at each business and looked for inspiration. They found ideas from the business' logo designs, in its dominant colours, the products they sell, the overall atmosphere of the establishments, etc. Please have a look at each arrangement and see if you can find the connection(s) with the intended business. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did creating them!

We thank the QRMDA and the many businesses who agreed to participate and allowed us to use their logos/images.

This exhibit is presented by Sogetsu ikebana teacher, Miyako Ballesteros, and her students.


Atlantica Hotel Halifax

by Miyako Ballesteros -- The "A" on the hotel logo re-imagined with tree branches!

by Nina Dandurand -- Red and white blooms to depict the colours of the hotel’s logo. An elegant, relaxed atmosphere…just like the hotel.


Aerobics First

by Midia Chalabi -- This arrangement is filled with movement, reminiscent of trail running and downhill skiing. Are those white tulips like the snow you kick up as you slash through fresh powder? 


Blue Olive Greek Taverna

by Leo Artalejo -- White flowers and a blue vase to honour the traditional colours of Greece.  The slanted style is relaxed, reminiscent of reclining on the beaches of Santorini!



Busan Korean BBQ

by Miyako Ballesteros -- The imagery is a bowl of bibimbap, and some fiery red flames shooting up to grill your kalbi and bulgogi!



The Cheeky Neighbour Diner

by Miyako Ballesteros -- We love this dandy cat and his elegant top hat!


Clay Cafe

by Odessa Godbold -- A colourful place deserves a colourful arrangement!  The mugs were made at the Clay Cafe, of course!



Dilly Dally Coffee Cafe

by Brenda Diabo -- The bright turquoise facade of Dilly Dally is now an unmistakable landmark.  Good coffee, good vibes, a great place to relax!



Freeman's Little New York

by Susan Robertson -- Margherita to Go!  Take out boxes were de-constructed to create a whole new vase. Plant material served up as the toppings. See them spilling out as you open the pizza box! 



Garrison Brewing Company

by Miyako Ballesteros -- Black and white, like the cow patches on the Déjà Moo beer can. Plus, gypsophilia for the beer froth up top!



Hairs To Ya

by Miyako Ballesteros -- The red-white-blue of the barber's pole comes alive and seems to go 'round & 'round in this arrangement.



HFX Wanderers FC

by Miyako Ballesteros -- The beautiful blues of the Wanderers' logo inspired this arrangement!



King of Donair

by Midia Chalabi -- The distinctive crown of the king, recreated with aspidestra leaves, bejeweled with tulips and roses! And, a wrapped donair on the side!



Liberty Tax Service

by Miyako Ballesteros -- When we think of Liberty Tax, it's always the deep red of the maple leaf that comes to mind first!



Long Alley Bicycles

by Heather Neville -- The black-and-white arrangement uses anastasias with spindly petals reminiscent of the spokes of a bicycle wheel.  And those curvy, slanting branches look like a map of your next bike trail adventure!



Lucky Penny Coffee Company

by Linda Campbell -- Cinnamon-coloured rose clusters with spring blooming forsythis in a copper vase, paired with a sunflower mug in recognition of the floral wallpaper in the cafe. Lucky pennies are strewn to enhance thhe space around the vase.



Morris East

by Miyako Ballesteros -- The ruscus Italian leaves look just like the patterns on the pizza box! The use of tomatoes is no accident either...fresh tomato sauce makes a delicious pizza!



Naan n Curry

by Miyako Ballesteros -- Red hot chili peppers for spicy curries!  And do the big golden leaves remind you of naan bread?



Nautilus Aquatics & Hobbies Supply Store

by Miyako Ballesteros -- Scuba diving is the name of the game!  And, to anyone who's ever built plastic models, those runners on the structure should be quite familiar.



Oddfellows Barbershop

by Miyako Ballesteros -- This mannequin is certainly well coiffed! 



The Other Bean Sandwich Shop

by Miyako Ballesteros -- Cucumbers for your pickles...for your sandwiches wrapped in checkered black-and-white paper! The dog leash, of course, is for Bean, the dog--the original Bean! 



Oxford Learning

by Robert Lee -- Books and flowers...not the usual combination but why not?  



Propeller Brewing Company

by Miyako Ballesteros -- Glittered fish bowls take us to the luminescent purple sky as we sip Galaxy beer!



Pro Skates

by Miyako Ballesteros -- Looking at this arrangement, can you almost feel the wind through your hair as you skate down Quinpool Road?



Quinpool Billiards

by Miyako Ballesteros -- Do you see the colourful balls and cue sticks in this one?  



Quinpool Shoe Repair

by Susan Robertson -- The high heel fix! Can you see the stylish shoe? Pussy willows, poppy stems and pods were painted in the red & black of the shop's signage. And don't miss the "shoelaces" on this stylish shoe!



Sarah & Tom

by Miyako Ballesteros -- The huge Pikachu in their show window certainly leaves an indelible impression!



Sweet Hereafter Cheesecakery

by Michelle Ciach -- Lovely reds on black, a place for sweet hearts!



Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio

by Miyako Ballesteros -- Wooden boards, place mats, doilies and the like can be used in ikebana to create space around an arrangement. A yoga mat can do the job too! The dracaena leaves portrays the sun rays in the TAYS logo.



The Trail Shop

by Miyako Ballesteros -- The great outdoors represented in this arrangement with a mini kayaker. And did you notice that the succulent aloe vera leaves resemble the rays on the logo?



Trinity Jewellers

by Miyako Ballesteros -- Triangles in triangles...just like the diamonds!



Truly Tasty

by Miyako Ballesteros -- Make sure you check the's a ramen bowl! Don't the gnarly, curly dried wood remind you of noodles? Ready to eat with chopsticks and soup spoon!



Utility Tattoo

by Miyako Ballesteros -- This arrangement looks spidery and has spidery things in them...just like the logo!



Vogue Optical

by Miyako Ballesteros -- Cool sunglasses in a bright shade of blue!



Yanjing Chinese Restaurant

by Miyako Ballesteros -- The bright yellow and maroon come alive in the form of sunflowers and a brightly polished vase. Entwined pussy willow branches represent the moving dragon. And of course, a Chinese restaurant must have chopsticks and plates!




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