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Quinpool Murals

This Summer, we were so very fortunate to have the Halifax Mural Festival take place on Quinpool Road.

Over the course of a week, both well-established and emerging artists brought colour to Quinpool from one end of the business district to the other creating 9 murals and painting 6 power boxes. (Map of locations can be found at the bottom of the page)

We would like to thank ALL the amazing artists who called Quinpool home while they were working. The talent and creativity of these artists has changed the ‘vibe’ on Quinpool and has brought so much colour and life to the Quinpool Neighbourhood!

Public art plays an important role in generating interest in the area by drawing in local residents and tourists to this part of the city. Art has the ability to create a sense of energy, to inspire and uplift. To increase the perception of safety, and has been proven to decrease stress resulting in an overall mood booster. It also is a powerful tool in contributing to the sense of community by adding creative and colour elements to areas with limited green spaces.



Proskates                                                             Classic Physiotherapy
6451 Quinpool Rd                                                 6432 Quinpool Rd
Artist: Jeks                                                           Artist: Donny Fong 


East Peak                                                      Busan Korean BBQ                                      The Brewery by Quinn's
6408 Quinpool Road             ,                     6311 Quinpool Rd                                          6275 Quinpool Rd
Artist: Alex Fowkes                                     Artist: Dan Burt                                             Artist: Swade Owens   

Naughty Paw                                                     Dilly Dally Cafe                                         Former Ben's Bakery
6260 Quinpool Road             ,                         6100 Quinpool Rd                                     6230 Pepperell Street
Artist: Jieun Kim (June)                                 Artist: Kristen DePalma                          Artist: Bosny                


Back of Fitness FX                                                     
Pepperell Street             ,                         
Artist: Emmanuel Jarus                                                                                                                                   

Power Boxes


Corner of Robie & Quinpool                       Corner of Quinpool & Vernon            Crosswalk near Monastery St.
Artist: Mique Michelle             ,                   Artist: Duane Jones                             Artist: Molly Margaret

Corner of Quinpool & Preston                 Corner of Quinpool & Harvard              Corner of Quinpool & Oxford
Artist: Morgan Drew             ,                   Artist: Anisa Francoeur                           Artist: Nessy   

Mural Map 

If you are unfamiliar with the Quinpool Road area, you can download our Mural Map! Just CLICK HERE!


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