Proposed Armco Development at the Corner of Robie and Quinpool

April 9, 2018

On January 16th, Executive Director, Karla Nicholson spoke in favour of the proposed Armco Development moving ahead at 25 stories at City Council’s Public Hearing number 18966. The board-approved Position Statement was written after the board heard a 40 minute presentation at their January 11th Board Meeting, which included time for questions and a general discussion.  During the presentation it was explained that there would be a public hearing for 20 stories, but that Armco was trying to get the city to consider 25 stories, especially since they wanted to include ten units of affordable housing into the building.
Council deferred the motion to approve the building at 20 stories and asked city staff for a supplementary report to explore ways on how the city could increase the height to 25 stories, which would allow Armco to incorporate ten units of affordable housing into the proposed development. The report should be back at Council no later than March 20th. If council decides to go ahead with 25 stories, another public hearing for 25 stories will be required.