Proposed Bike Lanes

April 9, 2018

Late last year, HRM’s Active Transportation team held Public Engagement Sessions to discuss options for introducing Local Street Bikeways on two Halifax corridors: Vernon-Seymour and Allan-Oak Streets. Local Street Bikeways (LSBs) are streets with low motorized traffic volumes and speeds, modified to optimize bicycle travel. LSBs are intended to: create convenient routes for bicycling, and create a street where bicyclists of all abilities can comfortably share the street with motor vehicles without the addition of separated bicycle lanes. Vernon – Seymour Streets and Allan – Oak Streets are corridors that provide key connections within the overall bicycle network. Each of these corridors help to establish continuity to existing on- and off-road bicycle infrastructure and, when considered together, begin to fill in the active transportation (AT) network gaps in north-south and east-west directions

While we support adding bike lanes and local street bikeways across HRM, we do have concerns about how the intersection of Oxford and Oak would be designed. In the proposals, all vehicular traffic that can now drive east/west on Oak, once they came to Oxford Street they would be diverted south to Quinpool Road. There are already issues with the intersection at Oxford and Quinpool and until the time that vehicular traffic decreases and Bike traffic increases we are concerned about the impact that a few of these proposed bike lanes will have on the traffic congestion on Quinpool Road.
For additional information on the Proposed Local Street Bikeways